The Money Manager

The Money Manager provides you with transparency of your operations and customized views of various operations within your bank.

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Money Manager


Currency Technics + Metrics helps you transform data into information. We offer The Money Manager, a cash logistics system that seamlessly interfaces with most currency counting hardware and allows you to customize the levels of centralization that you require for both local and enterprise solutions.

Solutions From Experience

While our company name is relatively new, our management is steeped in the cash handling/logistics industry. Our founders owned part of Brooks Armored Car, one of the first companies to process cash transactions on a computer, and one of the first companies to put computers in bank cash processing operations in the early 1980s.

This industry knowledge translates into not only addressing your current needs but also anticipating them to provide you and your clients with better value. The Money Manager was developed by people who were users of the system. It provides real-time analysis to your cash management data and transparency to all steps in the operation.

Let us show you why some of the financial industry’s major banks have been utilizing The Money Manager for over 20 years.