The Money Manager | Key Benefits

Standardize your product presentation across your business footprint

The Money Manager allows you to have common software and operational functionality across your entire footprint. For the convenience of your customers, the system’s Web Portal and Interactive Voice Response Unit (IVRU) accept customer transactions at a centralized location. With The Money Managers Admin and Processing configuration, the Admin site can be tasked with the system configuration and customer profile maintenance, thus alleviating the processing sites of these tasks. This saves data entry time and guarantees uniformity, so you avoid unplanned reconciliation exercises and embarrassment.

Standardize your operational procedures across your operations

The Money Manager allows you to standardize your operational procedure across your enterprise, providing uniform transaction processing for those regional or national customers. In addition to the customer handling, The Money Manager also provides the ability to measure have performance and productivity standards enterprise wide.

Enables you to have virtual operations

The Money Manager utilizing our Third Party Module provides you with the ability to expand your operational footprint across the nation to service larger regional and national customer by interfacing with all of the major Armored Carriers. With the Money Manager Third Party Module and our centralized configurations, you will have a consolidated environment that permits you to standardize data feeds and internal and customer reporting while at the same time reducing hardware requirements and support costs.

Maximize fee capture

The Money Manager lets you establish unique profiles for each customer, with multiple methods of capturing fees. The Money Manager captures and centralizes all transactions at a detail level, you now have the flexibility to extract and price in a variety of methods providing the ability to maximize revenue capture.

Retail Bank Operation Support

With The Money Manager, the Retail Bank can take advantage of the Deposit processing features to support its Night and Merchant deposit volumes, and the centralized Order consolidation and delivery feature for customer and internal needs will help maximize efficiencies and increase revenue capture. The Bank will have the opportunity to standardize its products and services across its entire enterprise regardless of the channel that delivered the service.